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Don’t Make the Same Mistakes when Hiring

Hiring a new employee for your company can be one of the most exciting – and potentially hazardous – processes imaginable. The possibility of finding a talented, committed and innovative candidate who fits the position to a T and can lead your staff into a new era of efficiency and creativity is very real, but so is the chance that your HR department will spend countless weeks or even months wading through piles of unsuitable applicants and conducting interview after interview, all to no avail. In business, time is money, and you simply can’t afford to waste yours on a drawn-out hunt for new talent. That’s why it pays to invest in the services of a professional recruiting agency, particularly for your executive-level openings. Don’t make the same mistakes that many of your less-fortunate peers have made – and that you may have made yourself in the past! Here are a few of the more outdated (and inefficient) methods of seeking new recruits:

  1. Job ads – both print and digital. Nowadays, employers have a wide variety of possibilities available to them when it comes to placing advertisements, from newspapers and other local publications to employment websites both general and specialized. The advantages of placing an ad are clear: It’s an affordable way to get the word out, and you’ll reach many people almost instantly. The problem, of course, lies in just how many people will see (and respond) to your ad – and how few of them will be qualified for the position! Many employers have made the mistake of posting their job openings online or in the paper, only to find their inboxes, voicemail or mailrooms flooded with applications and resumes from thousands of unsuitable prospects. This problem has only been magnified by the recent economic downturn. If you utilize job ads in your search, prepare to be inundated by piles of utterly useless resumes.
  2. Craigslist. This free site, like the aforementioned employment websites, allows you to reach a vast number of people with just one quick post. Of course, the caliber of recruits you’ll receive from Craigslist is likely to be even lower than that of the respondents to ads in other venues. Since Craigslist offers no screening process whatsoever, you will probably be dealing with individuals who seemingly have not even bothered to read your posting all the way through before sending in their resume! Sure, it’s possible to find a diamond in the rough on the site, but the time and effort it will take negates any benefits you could stand to receive.
  3. Word of mouth. At first glance, this can seem like an excellent way to find new employees; all you have to do is ask around, and the search will essentially conduct itself, right? Wrong! While members of your staff or other colleagues may occasionally have suggestions for candidates that will fit the bill perfectly, they may also suggest people who are not qualified at all, simply to help out a friend or relative in need! Even if your contacts are extremely reliable, this is a rather haphazard way to conduct your search for a new employee.

Instead of struggling with these manual tactics for finding new employees, save yourself the time and hassle and hire a top recruiting agency instead. Not only will they help you get the results you need fast, they can also provide access to better candidates than you could hope to find on your own. Reach out to a professional recruiter today and see what a difference their expertise can make.