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Save on Training Costs with a Recruiting Agency

When you appoint new members of staff in your company you will find that even if they have the right qualifications, they still require a certain amount of training. The induction of a new employee in such a situation where the company may have tried direct recruitment using its own resources, may call for on-the-job training. This in turn requires the company to expend a certain amount on training purposes in terms of time and manpower. However, this problem can be solved by using the services of a recruiting agency.

The Ramifications of Training

Appointing a new employee directly may require the involvement of senior managers to oversee the training of the new recruit which means wasting company resources and time. This in turn results in loss of precious man hours and a drop in productivity. The new recruit will be of no use during the period of training and hence will not be productive for quite a while. This may result in losses for the company. A good alternative would be to hire a professional recruiting agency.

How Recruiting Agencies Work

When it comes to appointing a recruiting agency, you would only use retained search firms if you need to appoint senior level personnel. However, for junior or middle level positions you are likely to appoint contingency executive search firms that would have to ensure finding the right candidate for the post in order to bill you for the work they do. Hence, it would be in their best interests to find a candidate who has the right qualifications, experience and training.

Using Recruiting Agency Resources

How does a recruitment agency ensure the perfect match? It basically has the resources to carry out mapping of the industry and the workforce which enables it to identify the appropriate candidate for your requirement. The recruiting agency is not only able to gauge the capabilities of the candidate in terms of qualifications and experience but it can ensure that the individual has already been trained along the lines that your organization needs. The recruiting agency has the networking capabilities to confirm that the candidate would have worked in another organization that has HR and manpower training policies which have synergy with your organization and that the prospective candidate would be an asset to your company. This enables a perfect match as per your target employee profile.

Finding the Perfect Match offers Fringe Benefits

When a recruiting agency finds a perfect match for your requirements you are assured of finding an employee who is accomplished and competent enough to effectively fill the position. Even if the employee has been trained up to a point where s/he still needs some guidance on the job, it means that your company’s training time is reduced. The employee’s productive period on the job commences at an earlier stage than envisaged and therefore your costs are cut. The employee too integrates into the organization and the post sooner. This ensures a higher level of enthusiasm, motivation and loyalty stemming from a sense of belonging.