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Are You About To Unknowingly Hire a Criminal?

When you decide to recruit new personnel how well equipped are you to verify their credentials? Do you have the resources to do a comprehensive background check on the candidates you are considering? Can you be 100% sure that their claims in terms of qualifications and experience are authentic? Can you risk taking on someone who could turn out to be a liability for your organization? It may well be in your best interests to appoint a recruiting agency that has the ability to ensure that only the most reliable candidate is appointed.

Comprehensive Background Checks

In view of the current recession, job losses and high unemployment levels a lot of people are desperate for jobs. In their attempts to get a well paying job, many are willing to compromise on ethics in order to get a job on false pretenses even if it entails falsifying records and forging documents pertaining to educational qualifications and job experience. Very few organizations have the necessary infrastructure to carry out thorough background checks on candidates and verify their information. However, appointing a recruiting agency could well solve this problem for you. An established search firm will have the network and infrastructure to follow up on every application and verify the authenticity of the claims. They have access to recruitment software that enables them to do background checks on individuals. This will ensure that you are not burdened with an undesirable employee.

What is at Stake?

Appointing the wrong candidate can lead to serious repercussions for the organization. The choice of an employee will always reflect on a company within the industry. On one hand the risk of appointing someone with a criminal record could damage a company’s reputation irreparably. On the other hand, an organization could be at risk of being subjected to industrial espionage. How safe would confidential company information be in the wrong hands? How safe would information that is relevant to crucial industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, be in the hands of an unethical person? It may be wise to leave these decisions in the hands of a reliable recruiting agency.

Screening Procedures

Assuming that the records submitted by an applicant are genuine, you would still need to confirm whether they do possess the skills they claim to have. Interviewing hundreds of applicants for a single post (in today’s job market there would be hundreds) is time consuming and a waste of company resources. And yet, personal interviews may be the only way to assess the suitability of the candidate and ensure that you do not appoint an incompetent employee. When you initiate recruitment outsourcing, a good recruiting agency steps in and takes the load off the organization by using its own resources to screen, interview and shortlist only the most qualified and capable candidates for the position.

Assurance of Confidentiality

The services of a recruiting agency will ensure that your objectives in appointing a reliable person are met discreetly and effectively. Recruitment through an agency will assure the long term safety and well being of your company.