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The Importance of Utilizing a Recruiting Agency

More and more companies today have been catching on and turning to recruiting agencies to handle their hiring processes than ever before. However, if you and your company are still weary about the benefits of doing so, look no further as I will provide all the explanation you need. Lets start by detailing the steps as well as the consequences your company will need to take if you do decide to handle the recruiting process on your own.

1. You’ll have to put out a series of advertisments in different mediums such as newspapers, TV, or the internet. All of these will cost a considerable amount of money and time spent waiting for the potential applicants to respond. Additionally, you wont be taking reaching the amount of applicants you potentially could by relying strictly on these modes of exposure.

2. Next you’ll have to deal with sifting through an overwhelming amount of resumes, each of which may or may not have the qualifications you explicitly demanded in your ad. This process can be frustrating as well as time-consuming. Additionally, there is no guarantee you’ll receive the amount of strong resumes you desire for a legitimate competition.

3. After you picked out the best resumes, you’ll need to conduct a screening and interview process in order to meet the individuals in person and make sure they are the right fit for your company. During this stage you’ll inevitably be put off by a few individuals whose resumes were strong. These discrepancies are common and the reason that screening processes are so important.

Following these three laborious steps, there still is no guarantee that the employee you end up hiring will be the fit that you imagined. Allow a reputable recruiting agency to perform all these steps for you and you won’t have to worry about a thing.